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Comazor Alliance is a fresh, newer entrant to the real estate, property, investment facilitation and infrastructure development sector. 

We have a network of established and experienced development advisors who help us guide customers to identify sites, negotiate with planning authorities and governments at National, State and Local levels while engaging constructively with communities.

We have extensive experience in projects across the Asia-Pacific region and have achieved the best solutions for our customers. 

While growing stronger, we improve our management systems to attract excellent networks and partners to work together on our customer's priorities.

Our Difference

We are a

"one-stop shop" for all technical project and information needs.

We maintain good relationships to bring all levels of government and communities 

together to support property and infrastructure projects.

Our diverse and inclusive team produce good chemistry, fresh perspectives and creativity to help us solve complex problems.


Didi Zhao
General Manager

Didi is a persuasive negotiator and business professional who has over 15 years of experience in the real estate and property development fields.

In her role, Didi has also expertly coordinated the planning, design, and development of a large master-planned community worth several billion dollars, inclusive of proposed infrastructure for the region including sports facilities, schools, affordable housing, and commercial activity centres.

Didi's project management role saw her lead high level meetings with government officials at the Victoria Planning Authority; managers of major Australian Banks, investors, large scale construction companies, and with Tier 1 legal firms.

Prior to her role in Comazor Alliance, Didi was a specialist property consultant with LJ Hooker that focused on project marketing for new residential development projects, as well as providing construction connection with local Melbourne construction companies. 

Didi's focus on the importance of financial measurements, marketing, and business outcomes reflect her lifelong private sector work.

Charles Pick
Senior Associate

Charles possesses a deep and unique understanding of the community, government and bureaucracy. He is highly skilled in project planning, media relations and campaign management.

His work in recent years has been focused on land use development, working for a number of development companies. He brings a distinct approach to project planning from his diverse roles and experience in developing property. 

Charles has a record of achievement overcoming development barriers by utilising his extensive knowledge and contacts in the development, financial and government sectors.
Prior to this he worked in the public and political sector as a policy and media advisor to Victorian Government politicians and was twice Mayor of the City of Manningham, serving as an elected Councillor for two terms.  

Charles has strong community values demonstrated by his volunteering with the Doncare Community Services Board and as a White Ribbon Ambassador. His community service was recognised when he was awarded a 2014 Menzies Community Award.

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Certificate of Public Policy and Human Services from RMIT; and a Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation.

Darren Ray
Senior Associate

Darren has been leading and facilitating corporate, community and government outcomes for over 35 years.

He possesses a unique mix of policy, community, land use and development, and stakeholder management skills. He has worked as an elected representative, senior manager and lobbyist for more than 25 years.

Darren has extensive community experience as a civic leader and in senior management for community and government organisations. He was been a long-serving Board Member of the Port Phillip Housing Association and a founder of the Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations. 

His career experience includes being Council and Government Relationships Lead at Victoria's largest Council; Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Local Governance Association and Manager of North West Youth and Family Services Inc. 

Darren was Mayor for two terms and Councillor at Port Philip City Council for 10 years. He was Chairman of the Council's Statutory Planning Committee and convened hundreds of consultations between developers and residents. 

Darren has also worked as a professional lobbyist and as a consultant to various State and Federal MPs and Ministers in Western Australia and Victoria.

Wei Ching Lim (Ching)
Senior Associate

Ching brings international business experience and a network of international contacts to partner with.

Ching is skilled in marketing and finance, business analysis, business administration and project management.

Prior to moving to Australia, Ching resided in Kuala Lumpur where he was a Real Estate negotiator with CG-Asia Realtor; Finance Manager with Hydro Mutiara; Marketing Manager with Wirapermata Laboratories and C.A.P. Marketing.

Ching has unique experience gained from over twenty years in real estate and business development in South-East Asia. 

He has a record of successful development projects including the rezoning, construction and marketing of a whole township subdivision in Ampang Selangor Malaysia with his family construction company.

Ching is also experienced in brokering business contracts and joint ventures throughout Australia and South East Asia.

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