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Greenfield Development

- Melbourne's West 

We are currently designing and creating a large greenfield development in Melbourne's fast growing West.

Our well-developed vision for the precinct has evolved through background research and analysis of the local context. We therefore have an enhanced understanding of the unique opportunities and constraints, so we can deliver a new suburb with early public benefits and integrated links with nature.

As Melbourne's population grows rapidly, so too does Comazor Alliance's aspirations for new suburbs that can surpass the expectations of both Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and the Western Growth Corridor Plan.

Comazor Alliance is committed to both designing and delivering this exciting project, including through to construction and beyond.

Our long-term commitment is reinforced by our intention to develop individual properties and continue ownership of some after construction. This may include long term leasing of and/or owning and operating commercial properties, retirement and aged care facilities, and build-to-rent housing.

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