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Comazor Alliance and our partners have many decades combined experience of managing stakeholders and undertaking campaigns to influence governments, industry associations and others to support our customer's needs and visions.

The stability of government policies can have a serious impact on investment decisions. Any new policies may be fatal to enterprises or investors. 

This is why Comazor Alliance helps customers avoid risks by providing evidence-based and creative analysis and responses to ensure existing and new Government Policies and our customer's needs align. 

We have worked with governments at all three levels in Australia (National, State and Local) as well as in the Philippines (at National and Regional levels).

Our view is that by also working with and understanding the needs of communities near where property developments or infrastructure projects might be located, this will achieve outcomes that all people support.

We build community, political and other support for outcomes that suit our customer's needs and we work with other government relations experts to get results. We design and implement community and government campaigns to support the things our customers want, also aligning these with community needs. 

Comazor Alliance and our partners have therefore achieved many successful outcomes with: 

  • Governments

  • The community

  • Private companies 

  • Key industries such as infrastructure, roads and rail and renewable energy, and

  • Media and other stakeholders such as environment and business groups

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