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Greenfield Development - Melbourne's West 

We are currently designing and creating a large greenfield development in Melbourne's fast growing West.

Australian Wine World - Qingdao, China

Driven by the advantages of China's vast wine consumption market and the superior location of Qingdao, Comazor Alliance is guiding this project which takes advantage of the construction of the free-trade zone.

Sports, Commercial and Residential Development – Melbourne’s West

Comazor Alliance partners are guiding the masterplanning, commercial viability and all government relations for a major new sports franchise in Melbourne's West. 

Infill Townhouse Development Supporting Sports and Cultural Uses - Melbourne's East

Comazor Alliance partners are well advanced to deliver around 250 townhouses and much needed community infrastructure that will support its neighbours who are landmark sporting and cultural uses. 

Renewable Energy, Road and Infrastructure Project Investment - Philippines

Comazor Alliance is currently involved in discussions with National and Regional Governments in the Phillipines as well as potential Impact Investors from around the world.

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