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Comazor Alliance possess industry leading expertise and we also have access to a diverse, professional and highly skilled network of expertise.

We can assist customers from the beginning to the end of their projects. This can include: 

  • Exploring Opportunities

  • Setting Up Legal and Company Structures

  • Sourcing and Managing Professional and Technical Consultants

  • Funds Sourcing 

  • Strategic Corporate and Investment Services 

  • Land Use Planning, Design and Permit Approvals

  • Development Management 

  • Stakeholder Management and Campaigns

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Construction 

  • Extensive Advice and Providing 'Turnkey' Solutions

  • Partnering On Property, Infrastructure and Other Innovative Projects and

  • Investor Trips

Our commitments to you

  • Solving your problems quickly and creatively

  • Pursuing the highest standards of professionalism and ethics

  • Becoming your long-term partners to achieve goals

  • Adapting our service levels to match your changing size and needs, and

  • Providing options and analysis of choices to inform your decision making

Success and experiences

Investor trips

Comazor Alliance has planned and delivered exclusive investor visits where overseas investors attend meetings with governments, private companies and other key advisers concerning exciting investment and project partnerships.

We guide investors and trip members on all the necessary immigration, due diligence and background preparations for these visits, and advise on accommodation, social and other itinerary matters.

Comazor Alliance Business Centre

We also provide visiting investors access to our exclusive Comazor Alliance Business Centre based in St Kilda Road near Melbourne's Central Business District while they are visiting Australia. Investors can hold meetings, conduct video conferences and meet all their administrative needs at our Centre during their visit.

Strategic corporate and investment services

We have sourced, analysed and positioned potential investment opportunities for customers. 

Comazor Alliance team have overseen and/or participated in many successful investments and support of projects valued at well over $1 billion.

With a strong network of government and enterprise contacts, we have maintained good communication and cooperation with the Victorian State Government as well as Mayors and Governors in the Philippines and put forward constructive suggestions for investment in renewable energy, as well as other road and rail infrastructure projects. 

We can access a broad range of investment and project areas, and we have specific expertise, knowledge and involvement in a number of sectors including:

  • Solar and renewable energy

  • Waste and recycling, and

  • Road and rail.

We are very detailed focused and understand all legal, planning, development and other requirements in Victoria, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

We have also analysed and identified information according to the source, and used our strong filtering systems to help customers make accurate and effective corporate and investment decisions.

Comazor Alliance also provides customers with the following related corporate and investment services:

  • Project governance and risk management

  • High-level briefings from Local and State Government authorities on investment opportunities

  • Understanding policy risks

  • Pre-project evaluation and audit

  • Feasibility report

  • Government approval coordination

  • Facilitate project implementation

  • Business services

  • Compliance recommendations

  • Maintenance and operation

  • Assist in negotiation with suppliers

  • Construction disputes and coordination, and

  • Leading global connectivity.

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