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Comazor Alliance is working on a number of projects in growth corridors and in other strategic locations around Melbourne. We also invest in other development projects, including through joint ventures with organisations who share our values.

Our values and commitments

Comazor Alliance's values underpin our commitment to delivering projects that support modern community needs and liveability, as well as profits.

Comazor Alliance is a leader in the way real estate and development is undertaken in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region because we use our strong networks and capability to ensure the win-win outcomes we propose are embraced by decision makers and investors.

We embrace a unique approach to our work, and we deliver on our commitment by embracing concepts such as Impact Investing and Creating Shared Value (CSV) that create additional public benefits.

Our commitment means we will deliver measurable social and/or environmental outcomes alongside fair commercial returns.

We believe these benefits will lead to more sustainable and integrated neighbourhoods and projects. 

As good environmental stewards, Comazor Alliance embrace the latest urban design place-making approach known as Biophilic Urbanism. Contrasting with other development approaches, a biophilic urbanism complements and genuinely interacts with the built form.


Investing in balanced development

Impact Investing mobilises commercially appealing funding to address housing affordability, social isolation, social justice and inequality. 


It also delivers much-needed community infrastructure, renewable energy initiatives and alternative waste treatments.

Impact investors come from diverse backgrounds and include private individuals and philanthropists, managed funds, businesses and governments.

Success and experiences

Land use planning, design and permit approvals and Development management

This is Comazor Alliance's greatest value-add for our customers. We manage experienced design teams, land use planners and other technicians to apply for and gain all government approvals. 

We guide what can often be uncertain and complex approvals because we understand the preferences and needs of government authorities and local communities.

We help customers avoid planning delays, risks and unnecessary costs.

We have provided full Development Management services for our Real Estate projects (including all technical reports, Planning Permits, as well as government information requirements).

Some of Comazor Alliance's previous and existing Real Estate and Property projects include:

  • Large scale greenfield projects and master planning (over 600 hectares)

  • Large scale infill developments with sensitive and complex needs (e.g. 250 townhouse developments in infill development)

  • Commercial developments with sensitive heritage and character issues

  • Rezoning lower value industrial land to commercial land

  • Positioning future residential land for earlier development in or near Melbourne's growth areas, and

  • High rise apartment and mixed use developments in new, emerging areas.

As well as managing many developments, Comazor Alliance also become Joint Venture Partners in many real estate and property projects. By investing in projects ourselves, this incentivises us to get quick, affordable approvals and results for all Joint Venture partners and customers.

Comazor Alliance believes that despite the current slowing of demand, the fundamentals of Australian real estate and property investment and comprehensive analysis show there will be growth in the future.

Commercial Real Estate

Comazor Alliance believes that high-quality commercial assets can only be realised or improved when there are good government policy environments. 

As well as helping our customers manage their day to day Commercial Real Estate needs (for example analysis reports, tax, rates of return and risk controls), Comazor Alliance adds value by providing strategic investment analysis and advice concerning existing and new commercial assets.

Real Estate and Construction 

Comazor Alliance also enjoys a great deal of experience and very good networks in the Australian residential construction industries. 

We have strong relationships with more than 50 builders and developers, as well as extensive experience in real estate operations and management. 

We have helped more than 100 customers achieve good returns on their investments and projects.

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